Balance 0.0 Performance Pillow by Bedgear

The Balance 0.0 pillow by Bedgear is perfect for a cool night. It assures stomach sleepers and extra small body types get a great night of sleep, every time.

Bedgear Balance 0.0 Performance Pillow


The Balance 0.0 pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers and extra small body types. Balance 0.0 provides a soft pillow pad for the light or petite sleeper, while its "shock absorber" BOOST™ suspension foam eliminates pillow bounce and alleviates pressure points. The Air-X® ventilated panels ensure less tossing and turning by keeping the pillow cool.



  • Features "shock absorber" BOOST™ suspension foam which cradles your head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Support alleviates pressure points, allowing for a deeper sleep.
  • Features the temperature regulating Dri-Tec® fabric and ventilated Air-X® panels for enhanced airflow. 
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